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Arne Stakkestad

"Move your Feet" English

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Move your Feet


Choreographer: Arne Stakkestad

Type: 32 counts, intermediate, 4 wall linedance  BPM:140

Music: “Linedancers Move your Feet”, Rene Guylline, cd “Over the Hill”

                 “Move your Feet” video:

               Start after 48 counts (heavy beat)


4 Heel bounces

1-4        Bounce Right Heel 4 times diagonally Right Forward (weight stays on Left Foot)

5-6            Right Toe touch 2x crossed over Left Foot

&7-8     Right Foot step beside Left Foot and touch Left Toe 2x crossed over Right Foot


Jump and hip bumps, vine right and touch

9-12    Jump forward with Left, Right,  bump hips Left,Right,Left

13-14          Right Foot step Right, Left Foot step crossed behind Right Foot

15-16          turn Right and step Right Foot Forward, touch Left Toe beside Right Foot ( knip fingers)


Kicks forward and side, weave and hitch

17-20          kick Left Foot 2 x forward, kick Left Foot 2 x Left Side

21-22          Left Foot step crossed behind Right Foot, Right Foot step Right

23-24          Left Foot step crossed over Right Foot, Left Foot jump and hitch Right Knee (clap hands)


Stomp and heel bounces turn left, 2 x kick step touch

25-28          Right Foot stomp forward, 3 heel bounces while turning Left  (weight ends on Left Foot)

29&30    Right Foot kick forward, Right Foot step beside Left Foot and touch Left Toe beside Right Foot

31&32    Left Foot kick forward, Left Foot step beside Right Foot and touch Right Toe beside Left Foot


Restarts: on te 4th wall (12o’clock) and the 9th wall (9o’clock) dance til count 28 and then restart

(after Rene sings: “Linedancers, move your feet”)





“ Cheyenne Woman” (partnerdance) and “Move your Feet” (linedance) are written as a tribute to Rene Guylline 50 year on stage, and his new cd “Over the Hill”, and as thanks to the many hours of dancing and listening to his music.

Have fun dancing, Arne Stakkestad