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Arne Stakkestad

Happy Days English
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Happy days


Choreography: Arne Stakkestad

Type: 1 wall, 64 counts, phrased linedance, intermediate

Music: Happy Days, Pratt & Mc Clain

BPM: 192        Video:

Info: start the dance after 40 counts intro, 1 bridge 8 counts after 3th time part B

Order of dance: A, B, A, B, A, A, B, Bridge, A, B, A, B, A, A, A,Ending


Part A 32 counts

Rumba Box

1-4          Right step to right side, Left step beside Right, Right step forward, hold

5-8          Left step to left side,  Right step beside Left, Left step back, hold

  hitch right, step, lock, step, hold, hitch left, step, lock, step, hold

&9-12      right and hitch Right knee, Right step forward, Left cross behind Right, Right step forward, hold (3h)

&13-16    left and hitch Left knee, Left step forward, Right cross behind Left, Left step forward, hold  (9h)

Toe struts, touch heel forward, hold, touch toe back, hold

17-20       Right toe strut forward, Left toe strut forward

21-22       Right touch heel forward , hold (bend backwards and Right thumb up)

23-24       Right touch toe backwards, hold (bend forward and Left thumb up)

Heel struts turn left

25-28      Right heel strut (begin turn left), Left heel strut

29-32       Right heel strut, Left heel strut (end the turn left) (12h)

Wave arms right, left, right, left, palm of hand forward


Part B 32 counts

Jazz box right with holds

1-4           Right cross over Left, hold, Left step back, hold

5-8           right and step Right forward, hold, Left step to left side, hold  (6h)

Hip bumps with claps

9-12         Bump hips right (clap Rhand on Rhip), hold, bump hips Left (clap Lhand on Lhip), hold

13-16       Bump hips right, left, right, hold

Keep hands on hips

Pivot with holds, chug walk, hold

17-20       Left step forward, hold, right and weight on Right, hold

21-22       Left forward with knees apart and together, Right forward with knees apart and together

23-24       Left forward with knees apart and together, hold

Opion: 3 steps forward Left, Right, Left, hold

Shimmy shoulders, the Fonz attitude with thumbs up

25-28       Right step diagonal right forward and shake shoulders while you bend forward

29-32       Bend backwards with thumbs up, while you bend knees 4 counts (put weight on Left)

Add a “The Fonz” attitude


Bridge, once, after you danced part B for the third time

Rock step, cross behind, rock step, cross behind, rock step

1-2           Right rock to right side, recover on Left

3              Right cross behind Left

4-5           Left rock to left side, recover on Right

6               Left cross behind Right

7-8           Right rock to right side, recover on Left



After you have danced part A for the 3th time, the music is coming to an end. Use this counts to gather with heel struts at the center of the dancefloor, the men with a “The Fonz” attitude, and the lady’s around the man, to end in a Broadway pose.

Have a “Happy Dance”, Arne Stakkestad